Being overweight or obese is NOT 

a cosmetic flaw … it’s a serious 

health issue! 

Did you know that if you are 25 or more pounds overweight that you are 50-80% more likely to experience diabetes,  heart disease, cancer, fatty liver, gallbladder disease and chronic fatigue?

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Science has proven that 98% of permanent weight loss has to do with your metabolism and your hormones — not counting calories and heavy exercise!

Our proven, doctor supervised, easy-to-follow program will naturally reset your body’s metabolism and hormones to put you on the fast track to fat burning … without starving, heavy exercise and counting calories. Our average patient will lose 25-40 pounds of stubborn fat and 20 total body inches in just 6 weeks!

Or, instead you could just continue using conventional weight loss methods which include pre-packaged nutrient-deficient foods, counting calories or points, or exhausting exercise that gets you minimal and/or no results … and are not sustainable. And by the way most of these conventional weight loss programs actually damage your metabolism and set you up for future weight gain. 



Lose 25 – 40 Pounds in only 6 weeks without Heavy Exercise or Starving Yourself. Results Guaranteed!

A Few of Our Success Stories

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Lose 25-40 Pounds in only 6 Weeks without Heavy Exercise or Starving Yourself!